Choosing the right
subcontractor is vital to a project’s success.

Subcontractors contribute greatly to Silva Contracting’s decades-long reputation as a leading provider of construction and remodeling services. We simply cannot afford to have a subcontractor default on a project and put our own reputation at risk.

Our rigorous subcontractor pre-qualification process includes the following evaluation criteria:

  • Ability to adhere to project schedules, cost, and quality as well as ability to work with our team.
  • Financial solvency and good credit.
  • Outstanding past performance, with a minimum of five years experience in the trade.

We obtain a minimum of three subcontractor bids depending on the project’s scope of work. Performance and quality of work are the deciding factors in awarding bids.

Silva Contracting pays subcontractors within 30 days of project completion, assuming that the work has been finished to our and our client’s standards.




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